Monday, September 1, 2014

Beware, Princess Elizabeth

Beware, Princess Elizabeth
by Carolyn Meyer 

Princess Elizabeth's father (King Henry VIII) is dead. Her sister Mary is made queen, and Mary will stop at nothing to make Elizabeth's life miserable. She is imprisoned by Queen Mary and must follow her every command. She even has to follow a religion that she does not believe in. Elizabeth is trying to stay alive so that one day she can rule her beloved England.

My Review
I very much enjoyed this book. I have always been interested in Princess Elizabeth's life and her story. This gives you a sneak peek of what it was like for young Elizabeth. This is apart of the Young Royals series and wasn't a very large book.

Romance: Some but none of it is inappropriate
Violence: Some
Language: Some but was not considered a cuss word in that time
Genre: Adventure, Romance, Historical fiction, Mystery, Adventure
Age: 10 and up


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  2. Great review! Sounds very interesting; I'll have to see if my library has this!