Thursday, September 4, 2014


by Veronica Roth
Insurgent (Divergent, #2)

Tris's initiation day should have been a happy celebration, but the day ends with unspeakable horrors. War is at the verge of happening and factions are against other factions. In the time of war they must make a powerful choice to choose which side they're on. Tris, now haunted with grief, must embrace her Divergence even though the danger is extreme, and it will put her life at risk. Relationships are tested, secrets are uncovered, and life with never be the same for her society.

My Review
Okay, so I really liked this book!! To me it didn't have quite as much romance in it  like Divergent, but the violence was pretty much the same. The story starts off right where it ended in the first book. It was action packed but also had a deeper side to it. Everyone is changed by what the Erudite did, Tris especially. If you read the first book then you know what I mean. She is extremely depressed about horrible things that happened and has endless regret of what she has done. Even though this book was awesome, it wasn't quite as good as the first, which I suspected. It was definitely a great read and had a great story to it. 

Romance: Yes, read above for detail.  
Violence: Yes!
Language:  A little.
 Genre: Sci-fi, Alternate Society.
Age: 12 and up.

I believe it deserves four stars. :)

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