Thursday, August 14, 2014


 by Ally Condie

This book is all about a girl named Cassia. She always believed that the Society she lived in was perfect. In the Society, the people in charge decide when you marry, who you marry, and even when you die. On the day she is matched, she is amazed when she is matched with friend her Xander. They've known each other since they were young. But when she starts to fall in love with someone else, she begins to not trust the Society as much as she did before. Are things really as perfect as they appear to be?

I absolutely loved this book.  It's one of those different society books like, Divergent, The Giver, The Hunger Games, and others. It was so cool to be taken into this society where. The romance was sweet but not overbearing like some. I loved the characters and I could not put it down! I think I read it in like a day or so. It's one of those books I would glad read over and over again. :) If you like alternate society books then you should totally read this. There's not much violence and there's no cussing either(which is a plus)!

Romance: The only romance in it was a kiss or two.    
Violence: Not much.
Language:  None.
 Genre: Adventure, Different Society, Mystery, Romance.
Age: 12 and up.

I believe this book deserves a 5 star rating!


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