Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Mary, Bloody Mary

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Mary, Bloody Mary
 by Carolyn Meyer 

Princess Mary Tudor has lived in a grand palace ever since she was born. She has beautiful gowns, jewels and goes to magnificent parties. Her life begins to change drastically when King Henry VII, (Mary's father) who had once treasured his daughter, now banishes her. She is forced to live in a lonely, cold place without her money, fine new clothes and is even without her mother. Her father seems bewitched by another woman, and her mother is forced to leave the castle as well. Mary hopes this is all just a big mistake or a nightmare that she hasn't awoken from yet. But when her father abandons the queen, marries the bewitching woman and has a child with her, all hope seems lost. She is forced to work as a servant and is a prisoner in her own home. What will become of young Mary?

My Review
I loved this book! It really made me understand some of the things that Mary Tudor went through in her childhood and how it affected her in her later life. It's one of those engrossing, historical reads you can't put down! 

Romance: Some but none of it is inappropriate       
Violence: A little, but very mild.
Language: Some but is not considered a cuss word in that time.       
 Genre: Adventure, Historical fiction, Mystery.
Age: 11 and up


  1. Awesome review! This blog is awesome:) I can never find enough books to read.